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Part-Time CFO Services

Comprehensive Outsourced CFO/Controller Services in Lakewood

business people shaking hands in officeWhen it comes to planning for your company's long-term future, you need more than just good accounting to bolster your growth. Help from an experienced CFO or controller can make a world of difference for your business.

N Schaum CPA helps businesses across Lakewood, Jackson, Toms River, and the surrounding communities with outsourced CFO/Controller services. We combine financial understanding and accounting skills with an organized and honest approach. Our goal is to help your business grow through experienced insight and practical strategies tailored to your unique company.

Our team can work with you remotely or visit your office as needed. If you're looking for reliable financial help that goes above and beyond, schedule your free consultation today!

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Why Choose an Outsourced CFO/Controller?

accountant using calculator in officeIf you're a small or mid-sized business, you may think that a controller or CFO is too far outside your budget, especially one with a lot of experience and proven skill. Outsourcing gives you access to all of this and more at a fraction of the cost.

At N Schaum CPA, we've worked with dozens of businesses across a broad range of industries, giving us a more comprehensive scope of different financial strategies and solutions. We can then tailor this knowledge to your business, accounting for your goals and helping you identify opportunities and limit weaknesses. We remain focused on the higher-level financial questions, not getting distracted by divided responsibilities and day-to-day operations. Best of all, our services are adapted to your specific needs, so you never pay for more than you need.

Insightful CFO Services in Lakewood

When you need financial insight that goes beyond standard reports and organized ledgers, an experienced CFO can be invaluable to your business. N Schaum CPA helps you see where you stand financially today and devise strategies to bridge the gap between your current status and your long-term goals.

What Does a CFO Do?

2 business women in a meetingWithin a company, the CFO acts as an organizer, interpreter, and navigator for the company's entire financial division. They're in charge of ensuring that financial data is comprehensive, accurate, and up to date. A CFO is expected to deliver relevant reports, explain the processes and decisions that drive the data and provide guidance on the best response. It's their job to keep a broad overview of the financial picture and goals without neglecting the fine details.

What to Expect from Outsourced CFO Services

As your CFO, N Schaum CPA is committed to being involved in your business and invested in your future. Here are some of the services you can expect from us:

Accounting Review: The first thing we'll do is assess your bookkeeping for accuracy and clarity. Once we've verified that everything is in order, we'll also evaluate your accounting processes. We can set up and optimize your accounting to streamline your day-to-day operations, helping you to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Monthly Reports: Helping you understand your accounting data is just as important as making sure you have it in hand. Our monthly reports are designed to be clear, comprehensive, and informative. You can use them to support essential business decisions, including budgets, expansion, purchases, and delegation of funds.

Projections and Forecasting: We'll use your current circumstances and past performance to foresee the financial future of your business. A forecast is derived by evaluating cash flow and predicting growth based on various factors, including industry type, market trends, and efforts to grow a customer base. With a projection centered on solid facts and experience, you can evaluate your goals and adjust them to fit realistic expectations. You'll also be better equipped to strategize and recognize opportunities for growth.

Financial Structuring: It'll be up to us to ensure that your company's finances are balanced between debt and equity and that it takes the greatest advantage of its cash flow. We'll handle all your bank needs, from deciding on new loans to meeting current obligations.

Reliable Controller Services in Lakewood

Business man holding tablet with financial dashboard in his handSecuring your financial growth depends on knowing where you stand. With help from an experienced controller, you can have confidence in your financial data and the decisions you've based on it. At N Schaum CPA, we offer dependable controllership services that help you organize your accounting, making sure no detail is overlooked.

What Does a Controller Do?

A controller's job is to oversee all accounting operations within a company. They're tasked with maintaining the integrity of the data and processes, then turning that data into meaningful reports that will be used to make critical decisions. These duties frequently overlap with those of a CFO, and good controllership is essential to ensuring that a CFO can effectively manage a company's finances.

What to Expect from Controllership with N Schaum CPA

business people shaking hands during meetingWhen we take on controllership duties for your company, we look closely into your financial past and make sure that everything is accurate, up to date, and properly classified. We'll organize and optimize your accounting processes, ensuring you have access to quality reporting in real-time.

A significant focus of our work is also looking for areas that aren't performing well and evaluating whether they can be improved or cut. We present all of this to you in consistent and comprehensive reports and answer any questions you have about the data.

Get the Financial Expertise Your Lakewood Business Deserves

Whether your business needs help devising financial strategies, setting attainable goals, or getting everything in order, you can do all this and more with help from N Schaum CPA. We're passionate about helping companies across Lakewood, Jackson, and Toms River, and we're here for yours as well! Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

Call Us: (732) 813-1199 Book a Consultation

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