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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Meeting Your Accounting & Bookkeeping Needs in Lakewood

businessman team working together in officeN Schaum CPA offers streamlined, thorough, and practical accounting processes. We have helped companies optimize their structure, save money on taxes, and manage their accounting systems since 2000. When you choose to partner with N Schaum CPA, you can trust that we are looking out for your company's well-being.

Our Lakewood accounting and bookkeeping services help buisness owners like you from Jackson, Toms River, and the surrounding communities. We are passionate about helping your business take the next step towards financial success! Get in touch with N Schaum CPA today to set up your free initial consultation.

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4 Reasons to Choose Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to a CPA can have a positive impact on your business's performance and financial situation. When you choose to work with N Schaum CPA, you benefit from:

  1. Our Experience & Skillset: We have over two decades of combined experience working with businesses like yours. Whether you need some help keeping track of bills or you are looking for a new bookkeeping and accounting system, we can assist you. Our team of experts is well-versed in tax laws and regulations, accounting software, financial statements, and much more. By allowing us to focus on the tricky financial details of running a business, you free up valuable time to invest in yourself, your employees, and your company.
  2. Reliable Service: We are proactive, thorough, and dedicated to finding ways to save you money and strengthen your company. N Schaum CPA not only helps you through the tax season but we are also your dependable partner for bookkeeping and accounting for the full calendar year. Our goal is to help you develop a complete understanding of your financial status. Doing so equips you to make educated business decisions.
  3. Excellent Communication: You deserve to be kept up to date regarding your situation. We maintain communication with you and your executives to keep you informed of our progress and your finances. Should a question or situation come up, we are a simple phone call away!
  4. Our Dedication to Your Business: We put in the time, effort, and energy to understand how your business operates in its unique industry. By providing tailored services and thought-out advice, we put you in a position to succeed.

QuickBooks® for a Streamlined Bookkeeping Experience

top view of businessman looking at financial graphcs on computer monitorQuickBooks offers an effective bookkeeping experience that helps us keep track of your accounts, revenue, expenses, and payroll. When you use QuickBooks, your data is securely encrypted. In the case of cloud accounting, you can access your information from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Should your company be new to QuickBooks, we can set up your system and optimize it to fit your specific industry. Our team can show your employees how to invoice and accept payments, organize business receipts, manage inventory, and track revenue against company expenses. QuickBooks allows you to process online transactions with credit cards for a small fee, which is essential in the digital age. We can also sync your accounts so that credit cards and bank statements are automatically uploaded.

If you already use QuickBooks's bookkeeping platform, we can provide training on the system's advanced features. Personal invoices, enhanced custom fields, and professional estimates can be set up to help your team manage their sales, clients, and product development.

Balancing Your Numbers Through Efficient Accounting

We provide services to keep your accounts balanced and protect you from fraud. When you rely on our monthly account reconciliations, we review your financial data to find any transfer errors, incorrect payments, or fraudulent charges. Our CPAs can use this service to create new cash management strategies, discover lost deposits, and seek out improperly processed payments.

Providing Crucial Insights with Financial Statements

Accurate bookkeeping and accounting helps us create financial statements that allow you to grasp your company's financial status. N Schaum CPA offers financial statements such as:

Cash Flow Statements: When you receive a cash flow statement, you are able to ascertain how much money is coming into and leaving your business. We can analyze your investing, operating, and financing activities.

Income Statements: An income statement portrays your net revenue through a specified period. These statements are useful for identifying areas that are running under- or over-budget, targeting unusual expenditures, and calculating tax liabilities.

Balance Sheets: A balance sheet reveals your company's financial status at a specified moment. Using this statement, we can recommend sourcing additional financing or evaluate whether your company is ideally positioned to expand.

Payroll Services to Provide for Your Employees

business owner using calculatorYour employees work hard for your company's success, and our team is happy to help you run an organized payroll system to take care of your team. We can assist you throughout the entire payroll process to ensure your employees are paid correctly and in a timely fashion.

Whether your company has physical timesheets or an online portal, our team can process your payroll. According to your company's preferences, we can set up a direct deposit for your employees or mail checks. Our payroll services can be combined with our other tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services. This way, we can conveniently meet your institution's significant financial needs.

Simplifying Bookkeeping & Accounting in Lakewood

Whether your company requires assistance running QuickBooks, creating financial statements, or setting up a payroll system, we are prepared to help. Our driving goal is to provide you with the bookkeeping and accounting tools you need to keep your business performing at a high level. Contact N Schaum CPA in Lakewood today so we can begin working towards your success!

Call Us: (732) 813-1199 Book a Consultation

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